Requiring expert knowledge?

Don't let technical challenges disrupt your workflow. We understand travel takes time and repairing requires booking. That's why we offer a convenient and efficient solution to address your technical issues from the comfort of your own space. Our Remote Support Services ensure that you receive expert assistance without the need for an in-person visit.

How it Works

Call in and book a time. Initiate the session. Either through the phone message or calls. You might need to install remote software such as Teamviewer.


Convenience, no need to leave your home or office; get assistance wherever you are.
Efficiency, speedy issue resolution without the wait for an on-site visit.
Expertise, access the skills of our knowledgeable technicians remotely.

What We Can Help With

Software troubleshooting
Consulting Q&A
System optimization
Virus and malware removal
Software installation and updates
Configuration assistance
General tech support

Experienced Technicians, our team comprises skilled and certified professionals.
Security, your data and privacy are of utmost importance; our remote sessions are secure and encrypted.


Remote support starts from $60/20 minutes